Pitra Dosh Pooja

When a person’s departed ancestors and have not attained Moksha or Salvation due to lack of religious rituals immediately after their death. Dosha can be seen in one’s horoscope which is known as Pitra Dosha.

It will prevent any ill effects that may seriously harm the person and their progeny. It will ensure that the person’s children are saved from the malefic effects of the Dosha.

It prevents untimely deaths and sudden life threatening accidents that may affect the native and his family. It will eliminate financial troubles that the person is likely to suffer throughout their life.

It will ensure a happy and prosperous life in one’s personal life.

Pitra Dosh Puja Kalsarp Puja Narayan Nagbali Rudra Abhishek Maha Mrityunjya Japa Rudraswahakar

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